Mobile App Development Trend in 2020 and Beyond

Mobile app technology is a fascinating field that is evolving with every passing day. We already have quite a few interesting technologies in hand that is going to make an impact in 2020 and beyond. As per experts, the mobile app industry is one of the leading sectors that is growing at the fastest pace. As per Statista, apps are expected to generate $189 Billion US dollars in revenue by 2020. With mobile apps reshaping business for many years now, it is no brainer that more and more businesses will be tapping the power of mobile apps in the coming…
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Web Designing Trends for 2019

Come December 31st and we will be at the end of a decade. Over these years, the internet has grown and changed with the evolution of smartphones, AR, VR, AMP, AI, and so many more. And this goes for web designing trends and technologies too. Gone are the days of grids and stock photos. Web designing has now been taken over by vibrant and bold color schemes and illustrations, with machine learning in place, websites have become smarter, from typography to text usage, voice and VR interfaces and everything that you can think of the modern UX. There are so…
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