Why People Started Outsourcing Managed Services

Managed Services are not new anymore. It has been a long time that businesses have figured out that having a dedicated managed service partner is beneficial in the long run to grow their business effectively. If you just go around and ask businesses why they outsourced managed services, probably you will get a hundred answers – each being different. But, if you see, all of them would be true. Outsourcing has been a long-time player. It has been around since the 1980s when Eastman Kodak made a historic decision to outsource its IT operations in 1989. We have come a…
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All You Need to Know about Ethical Hacking

All hacking is not bad. And all hackers do not mean to steal your money or important information, although some do it certainly. However, many hackers use their talent and curiosity to protect your information and safeguard you from cyber hacking. These people are known as white hat hackers and what they do is ethical hacking. Ethical hacking is not cheap and needs a high calibre of talent. Although ethical hackers do not steal, they certainly are compensated well by companies to help them protect their valuable resources and information. If you’re looking to build a career in cybersecurity then…
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AI Trend and How it is Influencing our Lives

The AI craze started in 2018 and became the most trending buzzword. Since then, AI or artificial intelligence has been influencing our day-to-day lives in some way or the other. AI is no more a scene for a science fiction movie where robots take over the human civilization. AI has got smoothly integrated into our daily lives. From smartphones to voice recognition devices, there is a little bit of AI in everything that you see around yourself. Here are some of the top AI trends that we saw in 2019 and how they are going to influence our lives in…
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