Securing a Linux server with two-factor authentication

If you really want to secure your Linux server, then the two-factor authentication must be considered as a must-use. If you want to lock your Linux servers and desktops, then you owe yourself a two-factor authentication. This is because by adding the authentication, it becomes more intricate for the malicious users to gain access to your machines. With Linux, it’s very possible to set up the machine so that you can’t log into the desktop or console or by any way of the secure shell without the two-factor authentication code that’s associated with the machine. Before you begin Before you…
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What will happen to you if you lose your secure vital data? 

One of the most precious things on the networks and devices you use is the data you create and store. Operating systems and applications can always be reinstalled, though the user-created data is unique. If it gets viewed without authorization or gets lost, the outcome might be devastating. An organization’s network might consist of documents with personal information, trade secrets about the clients or employees, or the financial records. Applications on the computer, phone, or other personal devices might expose your social security number, bank account information, and credit cards. In either of the cases, identity theft has become the…
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Do You Know Where You’re Vulnerable As A Business

As business leaders today, you need to demonstrate both vulnerability and transparency. This comes with humility and truthfulness. although the present scenario is changing, there are many leaders in the present era who are reluctant to let your guard down, their feelings and admit that they do not have the answers to all the questions. Rapid changes are accelerating so quickly that it is impossible for one individual at the top to have all the answers. Business leaders need to trust the people around them for answers to difficult problems, support, and knowledge. With COVID-19, all the vulnerabilities have outbroken. The…
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IT Strategy Is Now A Business Strategy

IT strategy is also known as a digital strategy which is the application of all the digital technologies that form a new differentiating business capability with the help of business models. In the near future, all the business strategies will be converted into digital strategies. Evolving the Definition of Business Strategy Digital strategies aim to focus on using technology for the improvising the nature of business performance. Whether it is creating new products or realigning the current processes, it specifically focuses on the direction of the organization that it takes for the new competitive projects. All in all,  it must…
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VPS vs Cloud!

Let us dwell which is better. There are six major points on which we can evaluate them. 1) Uptime 2) Cost 3) Security 4) Scalability 5) Performance 6) Customization 7) Overall Efficiency 1) Uptime: This is one of the most debated and in-demand features that differentiate VPS and cloud providers. With most of the Cloud providers claiming up to 99.99999 uptime, there is intense competition for this market share and end users are real beneficiaries of this feature. 2) Cost: If VPS offers low-cost benefits, the cloud providers have a pay-as-you-go model with no upfront costs, flexible payment options and…
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