How cloud has been a savior during the pandemic crisis?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all most every industry in different ways. The crisis has made the owners change their outlook towards work culture and accept updated technologies to re-establish a profitable outcome. They understand the need for work remotely, agility, security, complicated data management, disaster recovery plans, etc., and all these can efficiently be addressed with cloud computing. Prior to COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses accepted the advantages of cloud computing and become cloud-dependent with the urge for digital transformation. But this crisis has now made cloud transition a necessity for most of the companies to continue their business rather…
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How to remove security incidents with minimal business impact? 

Security incidents are known as events that showcase the compromise or the measurement set in place for the protection of an organization’s system or data. In the world of information technology, a security event is signified for software or system hardware and the incidents are mainly the events that can derange the general operations. Security events are generally differentiated from security incidents by the severity’s degree and the in-association calculated risk towards the organization. In case, one of the users has been denied access for a requested service, for instance, it might be a security event as it can symbolize…
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