Five reasons that can block your Digital Transformation and their solution

When digital transformation has become a priority concern for multiple organizations, many are facing initial challenges. For a successful digital transformation, a business necessitates greater diversity, incorporation of innovative business models, agility, along with a far stronger focus on User Experience. IT organizations, especially those who are new to this field, are facing challenges to reshape, reprioritize, and refocus its services in order to incorporate this transformation into their business and achieve the desired success. One of the keys to facilitate this transformation is the ability to leverage this all-new digital infrastructure that supports the fast technical developments, new services…
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Top 10 technologies and trends to support digital infrastructure in 2020

Infrastructure and operations (I&O) have been an integral part to support the digital infrastructure of the modern-day enterprise. In the past year, the world has witnessed how technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) or edge computing has supported rapidly growing infrastructure and other business needs at the same time. While those demands are still present, the year 2020 has come up with new challenges and making enterprises to rethink their business strategies. There is a dramatic evolution of Infrastructure and operations happening right now. The enterprises are keen on delivering services that accomplish business needs. With this new concept, I&O leaders…
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Dark Data Management: Choose the right data analytics tools and methodology

Data is always an important aspect that contributes to the success of every business sector and its future insight. Along with structured data, a huge amount of unstructured data also occupies the storage of every organization; starting from raw survey data to previous employees’ details or customer information, and so on. Most of these unstructured and untapped data that is yet to be processed or analyzed, known as ‘dark data’, is kept in data repositories. Companies often keep a vast amount of unstructured or semi-structured data being stored in log files or data archives for future use. Is Dark Data…
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