Keys to Build a Start-up with an Outsourced Team

For a successful start-up, the most important factors are proper planning, resource and fund management, and having potential clients. When you have to have better resources on a limited budget, outsourcing can be an option to meet your talent requirement. With the advancement of technologies, entrepreneurs have access to a wide range of tools and technologies. Therefore, outsourcing workforce, tools, and technologies have made a powerful impact on the growth, productivity, and bottom lines of start-ups. Today, more and more small businesses are outsourcing tasks as technology has advanced making professionals able to work from anywhere in the world. Technology…
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Modernizing IT for a brighter tomorrow

IT modernization is a complete process of improving business strategy and upgrading technologies. Though the concept of IT modernization is different across businesses, industries, and personas, its ultimate goal is leveraging technology to improve end-user experience, increase productivity, reduce time to market, and employee satisfaction. IT modernization is mainly executed to streamline business operations and infrastructure, which leads to long-term-gains. In simple words, modernizing IT is the process of upgrading or moving away from aging software and hardware solutions that involve associating systems and workflows in favor of more automated and innovative solutions. Therefore, it is an open secret that…
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Five Data Encryption Practices to follow for best data protection

Data is one of the most valuable assets to any business and it needs utmost security to be protected from theft and any other miss usage. To protect your data from unauthorized access, data encryption is one of the best available protections. Data encryption protects your data by converting the plain-text information into an unreadable form that can be accessed only by an authorized user with the proper decryption key. Though, in the current situation, when cybercriminals are always active to invent new techniques of data theft, none of the security measures is fool-proof or impenetrable. But, there are some…
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Why security needs to be integral to DevOps

DevOps is a popular work culture that allows the development and operations teams to work together to complete a development cycle at a faster pace than they used to do with traditional approaches.  There are multiple advantages of adopting DevOps including shorter development cycles, faster innovation, reduced deployment failures, and time to recover, improved communication and collaboration, increased efficiencies, and reduced costs. In case of software development, along with a faster development cycle, security is a vital criterion. But to deliver software at high velocity meet the competitiveness in the current marketplace, it will be harmful to ignore security concerns.…
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