How CIOs can facilitate digital transformation by maximizing the value of cloud

The pandemic crisis was a huge strike on health, economy, business—everything. Several organizations had to alter their production processes, work culture, and supply chains for service delivery and business continuity. To withstand the business competition in a post-COVID world, the organizations had to reassess their existing business process and make a lot of changes. Digital transformation is no longer an option When the Covid-19 pandemic gripped the world in the first quarter of 2020, organizations with three to five-year digital transformation plans were enforced to execute the transformation within a few months or days. Otherwise, they won’t be able to…
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7 Ways to Keep Employer Data Secure When Working Remotely

Data security is always a massive concern of employers. The growing trend of remote working has also enhanced the anxiety of employers. Due to the pandemic crisis, when multiple companies are pushed to adopt the remote working culture, the chances of cybercrimes, data theft, data branching, or virus attack has tremendously increased. When working remotely, multiple things can initiate cybercrime as well as data theft. From employees using unsecured Wi-Fi networks to carrying confidential documents to public places, everything can initiate data misplacement or hacking. Therefore, remote working culture has increased the requirement of additional security considerations for companies and…
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Top 9 Digital Transformation Trends to Watch in 2021

The pandemic crises have dramatically enhanced the importance of digital transformation and make everyone convinced of its unquestionable requirements in current and coming days. It plays a crucial role for companies to improve their customer experience and produce higher Return on investment (ROI). Many organizations have already started their digital transformation journey, while some are in the planning stage. The technology landscape is dynamic— it’s constantly improving for better work efficiency, smooth development, and fast business growth. The COVID crisis constrained businesses to embrace digital drivers like automation, big data, digital workforce, etc. Moving forward, even those will be supplanted…
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Migrating to the cloud: Choose the right cloud partner for a smooth and safe transition

Cloud migration is not just a single step task—it involves the transition of business data, storage, applications, everything to the cloud. Therefore, it is crucial to get your cloud migration right at the first time. Otherwise, a failed or incomplete migration attempt can be an expensive mistake. Depending on the criticality of the data or application you’re migrating, it can even impair your business. To make your cloud migration smooth and safe, opt for the right cloud partner according to your business requirements. With the right cloud partner, you can avoid data loss, extended downtimes, and ending up with a…
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How to Utilize Remote Infrastructure Management to Develop Your Business

With the advancement of technologies and changing customer requirements, the concept of business development has changed. Businesses are looking for ways to speed up their businesses process to cater to clientele’s changing demands. In this fast-growing technological world, companies realize the importance of efficient infrastructure management to make business processes smooth and faster. Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) is an efficient solution that can help the organizations to meet the growing business requirements and better manage the IT environment of the organization. Organizations of all sizes, irrespective of industries, recognize and adopt remote infrastructure management services to improve a firm’s overall…
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