How to keep your employee safe and protected online

Today, when a mammoth portion of the workforce is operating remotely, it has been essential to keep your business data as well as employees safe and protected online. Due to the pandemic, many people are forced to use their personal devices to continue work remotely. Remotely working workforces use their home network or unsecured public Wi-Fi to work, which makes them vulnerable to cybercriminals. To keep your employees safe online, it is essential to make them aware of proper security practices and encourage them to maintain safe cyber hygiene. These will help to alleviate cybercrime risks associate with online browsing…
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Top 10 Practices for Efficient Cloud Application Migration

Cloud computing is one of the integral approaches in the current situation. But, multiple companies still wary of moving their applications to the cloud even with such obvious cloud deployment benefits as flexibility, app scalability, reduced maintenance costs, improved efficiency and security. And the key player in such a dilemma is the fear of cloud migration risks. A smooth and faultless migration is quite a challenging task. Your organization may face some challenges along the way. So, it would be best if you will be prepared to deal with the consequences. This blog covers the top 10 tips to help…
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Why Outsourcing IT Infrastructure Services is a Wise Investment for Your Business

Nowadays, technology is the key to the success of every business, irrespective of industry. It empowers businesses to have better and faster solutions for multiple business processes and also helps to automate different processes to improve efficiency. To tap into every recent technology like cloud computing, hardware, and application, small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) need the support of managed IT services providers. But, why are SMB companies prefer turning to managed IT support services? To explain why it is wise to invest in outsourcing IT infrastructure services, it is good to start with “what are IT support services?”. What Are…
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Top 4 concerns for IT Leaders while creating Digital Workplaces

The pandemic crisis is a big hit to the traditional notion of work—companies have to make small or large changes for business continuity. In the pre-pandemic era, digital tools were considered as a measure of improving productivity. But today, companies realize that those digital tools are playing a crucial role even in maintaining productivity. Making your business a digital workplace is an important initiative, and it needs proper strategy planning for effective digitalization. Here are the top four concerns of the IT business owners when creating a digital workplace for business continuity as well as future-proofing.   Effective cost optimization…
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