Top ten Risks of Cloud Computing and their solutions

The pandemic has pushed multiple companies towards cloud computing adaptation. The benefits of cloud computing are attractive and diverse, starting from cost savings and lower capital investment to quicker and more efficient data sharing. Therefore, companies have considered making a partial or complete transition toward cloud-based computing to facilitate their data storage and computing needs. However, the transition to the cloud associates some risks that arise when moving to the cloud. Here are the top ten centres on the threat of cloud computing. 1. Unauthorized access to customer and business data Small and medium-sized companies are easier to breach for…
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How managed services can fuel your customer-centric transformation

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the customer needs and expectations a whole heap. Meeting new consumer requirements has become vital to post-COVID-19 business success. Therefore, business authorities have focused on customer-experience transformation. But, sometimes, companies are facing challenges to achieve the required changes. To become a customer-centric organization, it is essential to focus first on what is your customer’s requirement and how they want to interact with your business — not your products or their features or revenue model.   The good news is that there is a proven formula to help you in executing customer-experience transformations. The concept is…
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Ways To Integrate Cyber Resiliency Into Your IT Strategy

As per AV-Test, a security research firm, every day, they register more than 450,000 new malicious programs (malware) and potentially unwanted applications (PUA). Due to the pandemic, when most companies are running with a distributed workforce, the number of cyberattacks has increased enormously. Just last summer, the instances of malware attacks have increased from 1 billion to 1.3 billion. Therefore, the importance of cybersecurity has immensely increased—it has become more than the inclusion of technology features. In the current situation, cybersecurity is all about protecting yourself from illegitimate attempts by integrating cyber resiliency into your business processes. With the integration…
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5 Pain-Points of Your Infrastructure Blocking Your Digital Transformation and Their Solutions

Successful implementation of digital transformation in your business needs significant differentiation, agility, innovative business models, and an intense focus on user experience. As the pandemic has pushed organizations towards digital transformation, everyone is keen to see the change at the earliest for uninterrupted business growth. But, several IT organizations face challenges to reshape, reprioritize, and refocus their services to drive the transformation to the new digital business. To make this transformation smooth and effective, you need to leverage the new digital infrastructure that can support the rapid development and provide all essential services along with scalability and flexibility to support…
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Role of IT infrastructure Services in supporting digital transformation

To sustain in today’s world, digital transformation is an essential step for every business. This transformation drives organizations towards growth opportunities and pushes them to improve operational efficiencies. As digital transformation becomes a priority for organizations, you need to look for a reliable IT partner to make your transition smooth and help you to get the maximum benefit from digitalization. IT is good to consider IT infrastructure services to help with digital initiatives that drive innovation, increase efficiencies, and improve customer engagement. To support your digital transformation, there are some basic service requirements that will keep your business safe and…
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