How COVID-19 Crisis Has Pushed Organizations Over Technology After Digital Transformation

As the COVID-19 struck, the authorities of almost every nation of the world restricted in-person contact in every sense to stop the disease from spreading, which drastically limited the in-person business operations. Business owners are driven to continue their business with remote workforces as much as possible. Therefore, companies started looking for ways to get back their pace. And here technology plays its role; remote working, virtual collaboration, cybersecurity, remote on-boarding and training, etc.—in every aspect, it helps the enterprises.  In the current situation, technology has become indispensable for every business. It helps to engage customers, offers workplace flexibility; automation…
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How to get the best Document Management System for your organization

To deal with the drastic digitization, organizations are pushed to reduce their paper-based work and have digital documents. Therefore, Document Management Systems are high in demand to make this task much easier and faster. What is document management? Document management is a smart and efficient way to manage and track electronic documents. This solution allows you simultaneous but separate editing facility of documents to multiple editors to avoid the conflict of overwriting. And, you can even roll back to any older accurate version of a document in case of any error. A document management system provides a version control facility…
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Top Five IT Infrastructure Trends to watch in 2021

The COVID-19 crisis has not only changed the customer demand, work culture, and mode of business, but also accelerated many trends within business sectors. Due to the massive shift to remote work culture, businesses must gear up their IT Infrastructure. As per Gartner, by the end of 2023, above 90% of infrastructure and operations (I&O) organizations will have the maximum of their staff working remotely. Therefore, IT infrastructure trends for 2021 shows that organizations will need to incorporate more flexible and less centralized systems and operations due to the shift in remote work. The IT infrastructure trends mentioned in this…
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7 Steps to Take Right After a Business Data Breach and secure your business

Cybercriminals are always active and looking for the slightest chance for penetration and data stealing. Therefore, even with the best security practices in place, you may suffer from cyberattacks like data breaches. And, to deal with such unwanted but unavoidable situations, you need to be ready with incident response (IR) plans as a part of your cybersecurity measures.  Your IR plans must include a clear protocol for responding to any kind of cyberattacks, unauthorized hardware or software changes, denial of service, and so on. When doing an IR plan, your organization’s technical and legal teams must provide their input and…
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7 Effective Measures to Protect Your Critical Business Data

Data is the most crucial component for any business. Keeping the business data safe is a priority for every organization to save your business from competitors and cybercriminals. But, data security is not a one-person’s job. Every employee of an organization either work with data or generate data—so it should be a collaborative approach to keep your business data safe. To keep your critical business data safe, the implementation of data security measures is not enough. You also need to aware your workforce about the importance of data security and how to maintain the security practices. Here are seven ways…
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