Eight Key Tips Moving Workloads to the Cloud Securely

Considering the massive benefits of cloud computing, a growing number of businesses and organizations are moving a portion of their IT workloads to the public cloud to improve their efficiency, cost reduction, etc. To get the maximum advantage of cloud adaptation, you need to make a secure transfer of workload to the cloud without compromising security or compliances.   If you are planning to migrate your entire or partial workload into the cloud, you need to consider some vital aspects before actual migration. There are some important facts to consider to make a smooth migration and avoid unnecessary complications and…
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Top Cybersecurity Trends for 2022

Over time, cybersecurity is one of the most crucial aspects for every business. And cybersecurity preparedness is something that cannot be neglected. You can’t wait for an actual crisis to occur. This is an urgent need for organizations to improve cybersecurity awareness among their staff and education them to better prepare against an inevitable cybersecurity event. This ‘new normal’ with remote work practices is already a covetable situation for cybercriminals, and that make cybersecurity more challenging to organizations. Here are some of the critical cybersecurity trends that can be protective for companies in the coming year. As 2022 is already…
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Top 8 Things to Consider to Get the Opt Managed Services Provider for Your Business

In today’s world, technology is one of the indispensable components of every industry; from education to healthcare, manufacturing to financial services, every industry has its own purpose. And this ever-evolving requirement of the businesses has made IT immensely important than ever before. Though every company, irrespective of its size, understands the requirements of having a dedicated IT support team, but many of them can’t find or afford to hire in-house efficient IT professionals, especially when it comes to critical fields like cybersecurity, cloud, and so on. In such a condition, managed service providers (MSPs) can be the most suitable and…
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Multiple Factors Affecting Security and Risk Management in the Post-COVID19 Era and Their Solutions

The COVID19 pandemic has had an immense impact on the business processes of several organizations throughout the world. Millions of enterprises had to incorporate digitalization in their business operations; many have to accelerate their digital transformation and convert physical business activities into digital ones. They were pushed to include new IT infrastructures, deploy new applications, and re-engineer their business process to drive towards the digital direction. For business continuity, some of the changes need to be maintained following the end of the COVID-19 era — in the new normality. These newly implemented changes, especially digitalization, also have a long-lasting impact…
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Reasons to Use Managed IT Services in Post-Covid Era

The COVID19 crisis has a devastating effect on businesses today, irrespective of their size. Most organizations have to run their business with remote working practices, which has caused a significant transformation in the business infrastructure. To support this change, it is essential to re-build your IT infrastructure. To make your business sustainable in this new reality, it is not enough to incorporate emerging technologies, but an effective business continuity plan (BCP), cost optimization, and risk-based decisions enhance better preparedness for the future. In such conditions, managed IT services can be the solution to organizations — they can be the game-changer…
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