Six steps to make your DevOps journey smooth and successful

DevOps is a widespread IT practice that aims to shorten the software development lifecycle. Basically, it combines the development, operations, and testing team as a cross-functional team and creates a robust operating environment for bringing code to market faster. DevOps practices also reduce human errors and bugs, improve version control, and optimize costs. Several organizations prefer to implement DevOps practices and tools for a faster to market approach. By facilitating effective communication, greater collaboration, and integration across the organization, DevOps can improve software development and delivery agility and simplify IT management. When planning to start your DevOps journey, first, you…
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Security is the pillar stone of an MSP’s relationships with its customers

Several organizations, especially, small and medium-sized companies, prefer partnering with a managed service provider (MSP) to make their development fast, minimize IT expenses, and incorporate the latest tools & technologies. Most organizations turn to MSPs due to a lack of resources and budget to manage their infrastructure. At the same time, cyber-attackers are also well aware of the fact that MSPs handle a lot of clients’ sensitive business information. This makes MSPs a tempting target to hackers. As MSPs take care of most core IT activities. A simple glitch in their system could compromise not only their system but their…
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Why penetration testing is vital in the current situation? A quick glance about Penetration Testing

The complexity of your IT infrastructure is being complicated day by day. You need to connect several devices to your secure office network to facilitate your business operations. Connecting multiple devices through the internet can make your IT infrastructure and your business data vulnerable to security threats. Organizations that deal with sensitive customer data or possess vast chunks of business data have more risk of being exploited by hackers. An incident of data theft can lead to loss of potential customers and money. Therefore, it has become critical for businesses to remain safe and ensure the security of their business…
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Managed IT Services: How to Protect Your Business with Disaster Recovery Backup Plan

Any kind of disasters like cyber-attack, data theft, or natural calamities can cause massive disruption to your business. Regardless of their size, companies are being affected by data exposers, causing financial losses and distortion of market reputation. Whether accidental or intentional, incidents of sensitive information leakage are harmful to businesses and one crucial reason behind this is inadequate information security. With the development of technologies, cybercrime incidents are vigorously increasing. An increasing number of organizations, especially SMBs, are being attacked and facing data breaches. So, it has become crucial for organizations to have a disaster recovery plan in the first…
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What Is the Future of Remote Infrastructure Management

Remote infrastructure management (RIM) is now a quite popular service package. Organizations prefer to outsource their infrastructure management for better services, management of distributed workforce, and cost-saving. In simple words, RIM refers to the management of IT infrastructure (software, hardware, data centers, storage, networks, servers, ERP, CRP, Security, database, application, telephony, etc.) from a remote location. With the continuous growth and diversity in the IT industry, organizations find it difficult to manage their IT infrastructure smoothly. Access to remote infrastructure management services (RIMS) is an effective solution to help organizations in IT infrastructure management. Opting for remote infrastructure management provides…
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