A Winning 6 R’s: Formula for Cloud Migration

Before moving your business to the cloud, first, you need to form proper strategic planning. It will help convince the stakeholders, get their support and have a successful migration. You can start by reviewing the basics of the cloud migration process. It is always helpful to ensure that you have a good plan ahead. Here are six R’s (rehost, replatform, repurchase, refactor, retain, and retire) of cloud migration that can help you form your roadmap for the cloud journey. You can use these 6 R’s to develop the framework and represent your strategic planning to your stakeholders for a discussion.…
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Best MSP practices to reduce operational cost

Managed Services Provider(MSP) can help organizations to reduce expenses and improve their IT infrastructure management. Many organizations, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), usually don’t have enough budget to hire a large internal IT team to handle their company’s technology needs. Usually, they can effort one or a few people to take care of their whole range of IT infrastructure activities. However, technology is ever-evolving, and it is almost impossible for a small internal IT support to constantly evolve, handle complex technology, and keep the infrastructure up to date. In most cases, those small IT teams don’t have the experience…
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5 Key Reasons to Avail Managed Cloud Services for Smooth Cloud Migration

Successful cloud migration can be beneficial in multiple ways. It can reduce expenses,  improve scalability, and significantly reduce cybersecurity risks. But cloud migration is not just a single step process. You cannot expect an overnight change. The cloud migration involves moving critical services from on-premise and collocated hardware to a trusted cloud service provider, like Amazon Web Services(AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and cloud server providers in India. With this migration, you can access and manage your IT infrastructure remotely without the inconvenience and security risk. To ensure a smooth cloud migration, efficiently support your application and maximum security…
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Top five Trends in Managed IT Services today to observe

In the last decade, especially in the previous two years, organizations are experiencing a massive change in the work environment and culture. New technologies and tools are coming in and out regularly, making your IT environment ever-evolving. Organizations prefer to adopt those cutting-edge technologies and updated applications to make their operational processes smooth and efficient. To cope with this paradigm shift in the work environment, organizations need to focus on better acceptability of the workforce. They also need to meet the growing scalability requirement, enhanced data security, backup facility, and uncompromised agility. To help you achieve all these business needs,…
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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs IT Support

IT consultancy is a popular term in the present world. But how much do you exactly know about this service facility? Do you know whether you need IT support for your enterprise? Or why do you need an IT consultant for your organization? How can you be benefited from hiring these services for you? Well, this is an era of technology. And, if you lag in adapting technologies and using them, you may face difficulties in dealing with the changing demands of your consumers. So, it is the time to focus on the bigger picture and take steps to upgrade…
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