Improved IT Security: 7 Ways Managed Services Can Help You

IT is always essential to pay attention to improving the information security in organizations. With the evolution of technologies, cybercriminals are also being innovative to penetrate the security barriers and invade systems. So, enterprises need to take essential steps to protect their critical business information, customer data, etc., from data breaches, unauthorized access, and other disruptive data security threats. According to an FBI Internet Crime Report for 2020, just in 2020, $4.2B in losses were reported, which is about 200% more than the reported crimes in 2017( $1.4B). According to a recent Gartner report, IT security vulnerabilities are one of…
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Know everything about cloud migration

Cloud migration is one of the most popular terms. You may have several queries regarding this; What exactly ‘cloud’ is? What are the benefits of cloud migration? Whether you need a migration? How to have a successful cloud migration? And so on. Let’s have a quick view of cloud migration and its details. What is Cloud Migration?In simple words, cloud migration is the process of transferring your data, applications, and other business-essential elements from on-site datacenters to the cloud computing environment. Whether your application is a self-designed one or a purchased one to fulfill business-critical tasks, you can move them…
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Top 8 cloud migration and adoption trends for 2022

Cloud adaptation has been in the news for the last couple of years ¾ organizations are considering the cloud as a better way to support their digital transformation. The pandemic has just fueled these cloud migration initiatives. Several companies have migrated their business to the cloud to support the remote work culture, sustain in such an unfavorable situation, and be suitable to adopt the latest business models. Sustainability and future-proofing are two indispensable concerns for organizations. These basic needs always push organizations to shift gears to match strategic plans and respond to macroeconomic factors. Let’s look at the top nine…
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When to use a Lift and shift cloud migration

Successful cloud migration is a massive challenge for organizations. It needs a good understanding of cloud platforms and their functionality, proper strategy planning, and collaboration with a trusted cloud-managed service provider. Lift and shift migration is a controversial mode of cloud migration. In the past, some people avoid life and shift migrations as they fail to unlock the benefits of the cloud environment. But over time, people have understood that there are cases where lift and shift modes can be appropriate. It is wise to conduct migrations in phases to minimize risk and speed up the time to production. Lift…
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Top 5 tips for building a successful multi-cloud backup strategy

In today’s world, cloud migration has become one of the vital needs of most organizations to improve their business efficiencies and scale with the help of digitalization. Plus, the situation of the pandemic has flued this transformation. It has made several organizations to consider a multi-cloud strategy and adopt more cloud-based applications to meet remote or hybrid work cultures. Along with multiple other benefits, cloud adoption also helps organizations to protect and recover data in virtual servers, different applications, and databases across multiple cloud environments. But there is always some risk associated with every new step towards advancement. So with…
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