IT Consultancy

At Sygitech, we provide cutting-edge IT solution for your business.


Software and Database Architecture Design

Custom software applications design can make all the difference in your business productivity, user experience, and profitability. Your off the shelves software is not good enough everytime and you need a custom software for increasing your business. At Sygitech, we are building a different type of software according to your business needs. Our services includes Business Consultancy, Software & Database Design, Graphic Design etc.


Server and Network Infrastructure Design

Well designed servers and network infrastructure is the need of all organizations. We help organizations to build a robust network and server infrastructure to scale their business and provide flexibility, mobility which increases productivity and efficiency.


Cloud Migration Strategy and Assistant

Cloud migration is not the easy task, your tech leaders are worried in the selection of right cloud adoption to the risk of downtime and data loss. At Sygitech, we create an effective plan for your successful migration strategy. We make sure your data is secure, after all it is the backbone of your IT business operation.


IT Cost Optimization

We focus on cost reduction of your IT spending while enhancing business values. We provide standard, simple and unique solution for IT platforms, applications, products and services. Your team’s time is precious so we are in practice of providing more digital and automatic solution.