Why businesses are choosing Linux Dedicated servers

When it comes to choosing servers for your business, Linux dedicated servers surpasses its peers by a big margin. That’s because Linux dedicated servers are cost-effective, offers better security, and has been developed keeping in mind the requirement of developers. Hence, they are unanimously the preferred choice among developers. It is user-friendly and being license-free, it lets you try out a plethora of functionalities. I think that Linux server is the best one to choose when you are planning to get dedicated servers for your business and these are the top reasons that influenced my verdict.

1. Compatibility

Like it or not, Linux dominates the server space. It is compatible which is the biggest reason for its worldwide popularity. It supports different computer architecture, so it is the most preferred one for those who do not wish to spend much on hardware.

2. Flexibility

After compatibility, I like Linux because of its flexibility. It offers 360 degrees of flexibility as it is open source thus enabling you with endless options to tweak to meet your server architecture. Plus, the tools that come along with it offers a plethora of functionalities like adding users, managing server, monitoring server performance, and lot more. You need to try your hands on it to explore the different options it offers. With all these flexibilities, Linux becomes more secure where you can operate the different program with ease.

3. Multitasking

Linux dedicated server is capable to run multiple programs simultaneously. While many operating systems lack this feature, Linux lets you multitask which means you can work better with greater efficiency. Certainly, a plus point!

4. Privacy

Windows gather a lot of your information for better profiling and usability, Linux gathers very little information. Although there have been two school opinions in this, if you are concerned about your privacy then Linux is surely your way. 

5. No system reboots for updates

One of the biggest flaws for Windows is its system reboots for updates. As far as Linux is concerned there is no system reboots needed, irrespective of the update package size!

6. Cybersecurity

With the rise in cyber threats and cyber-attacks, organizations are becoming more cautious to protect their servers from cyber-attacks. Windows being a more well-known provider than Linux, is more vulnerable to cyber threats as compared to the lesser user base of Linux. 

7. Budget

The biggest benefit of Linux is it comes at a price of ‘free’. You don’t need to pay for a licencing fee, nor you have to pay for the server. If you are working on a stringent budget, then these factors do influence your decision making. Having said that, you might need to pay a fee if you want to avail the technical support to install and manage your server, but with such amazing and thriving community support available (thanks to the internet and online Linux user platforms) you can get help and insights from the countless Linux user who are out there in these Linux user platforms. 

8. Better Control

Having Linux dedicated servers means you have better control and administrative rights. You can keep up with individual control while working on different tools without any interference.

9. Higher uptime

One of the blessings of Linux server is its higher uptime – thanks to better memory management that do not require defragmentation. 

10. Freedom of work

Finally, Linux gives you the freedom to choose the application you want to work with. So, you can choose applications that work best for your business without any restrictions. So, we can safely say that you’re better off with Linux dedicated server for your business.

Final few words

Linux server is compatible with any business, irrespective of its size and nature. So, whether you are an eCommerce seller or just starting up your online business, Linux works perfectly fine for you. In short, having a Linux dedicated server means you have all the resources you need to operate – staring from processing power to memory to disk storage. Hope this blog will help you to make an informed decision and choose a hosting plan that gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors. If you still need help, we are just a few clicks away!

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