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What we do

We provide support on Linux and various Open source software's, we are expert in Linux servers, RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, enterprise network infrastructure, web development, and cloud technology.

Linux Systems

We work with various Linux variants, RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, we know internals of Linux servers, network, applications.

Web Servers

We support multiple web servers, Apache, Nginx, LightHTTPD, etc, we have extensive knowledge on setting up these application to get best performance.


Database is the heart of every application, having right schema as per your application is most important things for performance and scalibility.

Web Applications

We develop robust web applications, keeping performance and scability at core, we analyze requirement, create design, develop, test and implement applications as per clients requirement.

Tech Solutions

We help companies to find best solution for their tech requirements, using open source software and technologies, we innovate and build cutting edge technology solutions with minimal cost


We provide consultancy on Linux servers, web applications, database design and architecture, cloud migration, performance optimization of infra and apps, overall cost optimization of technology stack.

Make Right Choice

Choose Best and Right Solution for Your Technology Stack

Total Ownership Cost

Cost Optimization

Cost of technology can grow over the period of time, as businesses demands more and more features, there are various ways to optimize the overall cost, but not compromising on the performance

Web Performance

Make it fast

Speed is key today, the longer time a web page takes to load, lesser chances for conversion, while speed is dependent on multiple factors, speed of network, application response time, server configuration, etc, it is possible to optimize each point to get best possible response time for your web pages

Growing Traffic

Avalibility and Scalability

Every online business is dependent on user traffic, it is sometimes quite difficult to maintain the availability when traffic grows, or scaling from few thousands users to millions of users, loss of a single user is a direct revenue loss, we can help on making your systems robust and scalable

clients feedback

what our clients say

" Aniruddh has the rare ability to logically breakdown complex problems and use his technical expertise to find out-of-the-box solution. He is well versed with the latest open source technologies and ways to leverage them in business. He had been an outstanding performer at IndiaMART and has consulted us on specific projects through Sygitech Solutions. "

Amarinder Singh Dhaliwal

Chief Product Officer -

" Sygitech Solutions has been able to deliver the required technical expertise during an incident, response and resolution time was real quick, their ability to understand the problem and help us achieve the business objective was superb, strong knowledge on servers and databases. "

Rohit Anand

Chairman & Managing Director -

Cost Effective Solution

You can trust on us for all your technology solutions. We provide cost effective solutions