About Sygitech

We provide best technology for your business. We are experts in building creative and innovative technologies in a transparent manner.

At Sygitech, we believe in providing strategic and technical services for your dynamic business needs.

We cover entire domain of Product Development, IT infrastructure Management, Database Management, Web/Mobile application, Cloud Solutions and Consultancy Services. We are passionate about it and in a short span of time we have helped many companies to achieve technical solution for their business in different industries like eCommerce, Finance, Healthcare, Travel, Manufacturing etc.

We use technologies like Ruby on Rails, React, PHP, Go, Pearl etc for building a technical solution for your business.
Sygitech model is based on customer needs to ensure best execution. We deliver efficient, secure and responsive solution in a cost-effective manner.


How we work

Happy in earning customer rather than buying


Aniruddh Pratap Singh

Founder & CEO

A passionate technologist, Founder and CEO of Sygitech - Aniruddh Pratap Singh shapes strategy and plays a central role in technology to build innovative and efficient solution. He has experience in Cloud Solutions, Database Management, App Development, IT Infrastructure and Consulting for more than 16 years with Indiamart, Monster and HCL. A believer of power of Open Source Technologies has worked over 1000+ open source applications. He has known for his innovative skills and experience to create long term technical solutions for various businesses.