How To Reopen And Restart Your Business.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has turned many small businesses to close the doors, however, now is the time to reopen the same doors. A lot of local jurisdictions and the government have begun to explore the new system after COVID, but meanwhile below are some of the steps that will help you in getting prepared to reopen your business yet again. 

Undertake The Observation Regarding Your Business 

Meanwhile, the business is closed and there is enough time for observation, and reflecting on the newer landscape that the business will enter into. Make a list of all the learnings like knowing about the employees, customers, knowing about other businesses, the new procedures, improvisations for the business, new products to offer, etc. After taking consideration of the learnings, search out for measures to improve some ways whenever reopening. After you take out time for observing and taking insights can help evolve the business which is highly essential because the same will help give direction to the process of re-opening. This is also helpful for managed IT services.

Choose Areas For Concentration

Once you have made up a list of some of the things that you have observed or noticed then it is time for planning to reopen your business more concretely. The simplest method for doing the same is by breaking it into the most focused areas that are crucial for the business. The areas that are picked up must be particular to the business, however here are some to get begin with. Supply chain, finances, shipping, logistics, physical location, customers, workforce, and regulatory changes. You can also take help of the managed IT services.

Building A Reopening Plan For Every Focus

The plan for every area of focus must be particular in a way that you are planning to operate the business in moving forward. Also, keep in mind, IT infrastructure consulting services while reopening the business plan. 

Below is the format that can be beneficial in raising questions before beginning the process.

  • Finances

Bring out the details about the financial assets that you presently have, the liquidity, and the total amount present in the bank for restarting the business. After that, you can make a calculator about how much money is required for reopening. The same calculation can be broken down into small line items for showcasing how much is the need for funding every area to completely open the business. If the numbers are not matching up even then it is okay. With this one can determine whether potentially there is a need for cut or changes or looking out for funding that can work for the business. 

Following are the questions regarding finance that can one can think about:

  1. Is there any expectancy for the cost of any of the line items to alter due to shelter in place mandates?
  2. How can one document the expenses that are going forward if there is a requirement for reporting the finances to the lender?
  3. In case, there is a need to change the business model, what is the type of revenue changes can one expect during reopening?
  4. Is there any process about payments or financing that should be changed? 
  • Supply Chain 

Here one can offer details about how much supply is needed for reopening, the new supplies required, and the logistics of having the items. A lot of vendors might also be required to halt the process of production, so there is a need to have a backup plan in case one does not get proper supplies needed in time during the reopening. 

  • Physical Location

In this block, one can list out the physical locations for planning to operate. In case, you own a multi-location business, then there is a need for the development of a reopening plan particularly for every location, as the different locales have various rules whenever it comes to the lifting shelter in place restrictions.

  • Shipping and Logistics 

In this block, one documents the new processes for shipping and logistics that might be needed for accommodating the reopening. This is specifically essential if the owner wishes to make changes to the business that is trustworthy more hugely on the shipping, delivery, curbside pickup for reaching out to the customers in different manners whenever the reopening is undertaken. 

  • Workforce

In this chain, one should document the plan for rehiring, bringing in the remote workers, ending furloughs. Contrarily, if the measure of changing the business model does not require a physical location, then there will be no need for the development of a plan for the employees working remotely. Whenever there is a creation of a plan around the workforce, it is then, when one can take into regard the recommendations from the OSH compliance, CDC, and the laws in the local jurisdiction. 

  • Regulatory Changes 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of industries have noticed major changes in the regulatory system that have affected the business operations. One needs to take stock of the same and build up plans around the new regulations in the industry or the ones that are adjacent to the business.

  • Customers 

Whenever it is about customers, there is always a need to think about the safety, management of the expectations, and process of communication. There are many regulations from the local jurisdiction that are needed for following when it is about the maintenance of social distancing and the requirement of face masks that must be taken into account when reopening the business. 

  • Another thing to keep in mind is the best practices and the things that make sense for the business more than what is required. After that, there can be an undertaking of communication plans for telling the customers what is needed of them. One can even communicate about the alterations in the business model like the offerings of newer products or new methods so that the customers can engage with the business owners.

Assembling A Team For Helping In The Management Of Reopening

There is no need to reopen the business all alone. One can assemble team members for management of every area of focus and hold them accountable for churning out the plan successfully. To help with the coordination, feel free to schedule virtual meetings daily for discussion of progress and readiness to reopen the doors of the business. With the process of planning, one can anticipate that some of the things can alter as the shelter in place orders can be lifted and the local plus state governments will learn more about it. The best that can be done is pivot as you learn more and keep the business and the team smooth. With the help of cloud infrastructure companies, you can easily maintain the process. 


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