IT outsourcing for the oil and gas industry

Due to complexity, time-consuming processes, and high in-house costs, many organizations prefer to outsource Information Technology (IT). Besides cost saving, partnering with a managed service provider (MSP) for IT outsourcing enables organizations to leverage various resources, skillsets, and professional expertise. This allows scalability and reliability, enhance cybersecurity, and supports organizations in improving their productivity and growth. Like other industries, the Oil & Gas (O&G) industry also outsources IT services from reliable MSPs to cope with the fast-changing IT industry. To survive and thrive, the majority of organizations in the O&G sector choose MSP along with their in-house IT department. Organizations…
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How to track your employees in the remote work environment

For any organization, individual productivity plays a crucial role in influencing the growth of a business. Irrespective of industry and business size, when employees don’t perform their roles properly, companies can experience negative consequences. It is true that ‘trust’ is vital for remote working culture, but employers also need to track the productivity of their staff. In remote working environments, employers can use tracking tools tomonitor teams’ productivity and time spent on remote work. Multiple tools are available with various features like deadline setting, attendance tracking, logging hour tracking and reporting to track remote employees’ activity. Let’s learn how to…
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How managed IT services can help financial services organizations

Like other industries, financial services like banking, stock market, mutual funds, insurance,wealth management, treasury companies, etc., are bound to adopt digitalization and provide modern services to consumers. In the modern world, financial organizations have to rely intensely on technology to provide fast and efficient services. It has become essential for financial organizations to invest in improving their IT infrastructure. A reliable and proficient IT infrastructure is critical to meet customer service demands. Some financial services firms have in-house IT departments or staff to maintain their infrastructure and keep it up-to-date. But a significant percentage of financial organizations prefer to hire…
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4 Cost-efficient but high-impact Tech Initiatives for SMBs

For small and medium-sized businesses(SMBs), budget crunch is a common issue, and they usually look for cost-effective ways to run their business efficiently and grow. Some of the costs are constant and unavoidable. Still, there are some other aspects where modernization can help to reduce bottlenecks and operation costs and also help to grow your business. At the same time, low cost is not the only concern – they have to improve team engagement and customer satisfaction and consider an efficient cybersecurity posture. To strengthen your business without bankruptcy, you can look for low-cost tech initiatives. You can consult your…
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What is cloud-native and its influence on software development

Today, cloud-native is one of the biggest trends in the software industry. It has changed the traditional way of developing, deploying, and operating software products. This new way of software development involves various tools and technologies with several advantages and some pitfalls. According to some developers, ‘cloud native’ is just hype but a large percentage also consider it the future of software development. With the advantages of several modern software development techniques, includingMicroservices, Containers, Continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) method, Agile methodologies, and DevOps, one can enhance their software development experience. Let’s learn about the advantages of cloud-native computing…
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