The top five anticipated business challenges of technology in 2021 and their solutions

In the present fast-moving world, new trends of technology and software are continuously emerging and vanishing. Companies are always challenged to figure out which one is good for them and persistent and which one can be left behind. 2020 was a year of mixed thoughts, where the COVID-19 global pandemic has disrupted the business landscape worldwide; it also accelerated the rate of digital solution adaptation throughout the world. In 2021, most companies face challenges to meet their business requirements, fill up the workforce and skill shortage, technical challenges, and so on. Here are top business challenges in 2021: 1. Executing…
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How Managed IT Service Providers can Embrace Multi-Cloud Architecture

Multi-Cloud architecture is a combination of two or more public cloud platforms that provide better services and storage facilities along with an environment where businesses can build secure and powerful working environments outside the traditional infrastructure. The main goal of the multi-cloud approach is to address the limitations of using a single cloud. A multi-cloud approach offers more room for innovation to the customers. Managed IT service providers can use a multi-cloud strategy to enhance their services and support their client companies. The Benefits of Multi-Cloud Architecture Cloud computing and services are much more competent and advanced computer system resources…
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How to Deal With the Top 5 Public Cloud Security Challenges

Business owners are always concern about security challenges. Moving your business infrastructure to the cloud does not eliminate the security concern but makes it easier to identify and resolve vulnerabilities in real-time. When you opt for a Shared Responsibility Model, your cloud service provider takes responsibility for the cloud security, including the data centre’s physical safety. On the other hand, the cloud customer is responsible for the security of the applications and data in the cloud. Here are the top five cloud security challenges and their mitigating measures: Challenge 1: Cloud Configuration Management Misconfiguration is one of the most common challenges…
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How to select the best IT consultant for your company

As a business owner, it is amazing to see your business grow steadily over time. And growth comes with rising IT demands—demands for management, maintenances, security, and new technologies. But most companies do not have trained and experienced staff to handle all these functions in-house. So, it is wise to consider an IT consultancy service provider to provide you with the best IT support and help your business grow the most. There are multiple options in the market, and you need to choose the best IT partner to get maximum benefits. Here are the vital factors to consider when it…
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How managed services can help you to avoid costly downtime

In today’s world, when customers expect 24/7 services and organizations need the “always-on” nature of businesses to operate with a mobile workforce and serve globally, —100% uptime has become essential. If the IT systems go down, both productivity and customer service suffers. Several businesses that rely on technology to function come to a screeching halt—the cost of downtime is more severe for them.According to Carbonite, if the IT system of a small or medium-sized business (SMB) goes down for just 1 hour, that could cost about$25,620, or$427.00 per minute.There are multiple reasons that may lead to expensive downtime. Some prevalent…
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