DevOps Can Accelerate Development Life Cycle

How can DevOps accelerate go to market of a product? As more organizations are embarking on their digitization journey, the urgency of having quick adaptability, flexibility and agility are felt like never before. This has led to a paradigm shift in the IT delivery culture and how enterprises have functioned for so long. Enterprises are now feeling the need to adapt to an agile approach which will accelerate the go to market of a product and ultimately increase the ROI for the business. DevOps is one such software development practise that has introduced a new culture in software development and…
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8 trends that will be influencing Mobile App Development in 2019

As we continue to live in the age of smartphones, mobile apps are going to rule our lives for many years to come. With thousands of apps getting developed and pushed into the app stores every day, there are hardly any businesses that are not leveraging this powerful marketing tool to reach a wider audience base globally. However, the most important question is how do you stand out from this age of cut-throat competition when every organization, big or small, startups or enterprises have an app developed for their businesses? If you are looking for an app to be developed…
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Using AI for better Mobile App User Experience

Smartphones are now a part and parcel of our lives. Data says 70% of the world population remains connected to the internet through their smartphones. From reading the online newspaper to ordering food, to the online transaction and staying connected on social media with family and professional network… the smartphone is there at every step. Leveraging this trend and human behavior, mobile app development companies are focusing more on creating better mobile app user experience by using artificial intelligence or AI. AI is no more fiction, but a reality. Remember, when you visit an e-commerce app and order a product…
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Things to consider while Developing a Mobile App

The digital world is evolving. Having a business app is no longer a luxury, but a necessity if you wish to stay ahead of your competition. Statista says that by 2020, 2.87 billion users will be on smartphones. If your audience is a part of this user group, then definitely you can’t afford to not have your app presence. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, having a mobile app has become mandatory. If you too are considering to have your mobile app, then this post is for you! Building an app may sound easy, but there are lot of…
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Hybrid Mobile App vs Native Mobile App

Hybrid mobile app vs native mobile app — which one is for me? The debate between hybrid mobile app vs native mobile app is ever-lasting. While some developers fancy hybrid mobile app, others vouch for native mobile apps. Before we jump into the nitty-gritty of hybrid vs native, let us understand the basic difference between the two. Hybrid mobile apps are developed on the web using HTML5 and JavaScript so that they can function in multiple platforms. It has a single programming language which works on any platform. On the other hand, native mobile apps are done for a single…
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