Database Management Services

In today’s world business cannot run on stale data. Every dynamic business needs real-time information. We are in technology innovation era wherein having desired information in real time is legitimate demand. Sygitech’s team is an expert in the database like Oracle, MySQL, NoSQL, PostgreSQL.


Database Architecture

Database Schema design is one of most important aspect of the database, after all database is the heart of any application. Without a proper Database Structure, it difficult to understand and control the flow of data within the application. At Sygitech we entail how data will be processed, stored and utilized in a system so that your team can make better and timely business decisions.


SQL Performance Tuning

A simple approach works well until your data grows reasonably big and you have millions of visitors. Once your data appraoches its limit, product performance and availability starts to hurt your business. Performance Tuning then becomes essential to save your extra cost & time in implementing new infrastructure or database. We focus on your system performance without changing or upgrading its configuration.


Database Migration

Database migration is a complex and multiphase process which includes data assessment, testing, performance monitoring and many more steps. It’s like home migration where your application was living on the same server from last 15 years which is now entering into a new environment, technology and platform. Our team understands your database with network & requirement and then create target schema.


Database Backup

Availability of data is very important for any business and a few minutes of downtime can harm your business, situation like server or disk crash can lead to huge business loss, It’s unsustainable! Sygitech helps you to keep your data secure through regular backups and making sure that backups can be restored when such situation occurs.