Are Cloud and DevOps better together? Why?

Organizations cannot ignore digital transformation to sustain in this rapidly changing world. DevOps and cloud computing has become essential for organizations to achieve digital transformation and increase competitiveness.

DevOps and cloud computing has different purposes to achieve — DevOps contributes to process improvement, while cloud computing helps improve technology and services. Every organization must have a depth knowledge about how the cloud and DevOps together can influence your businesses to achieve their digital transformation goals.

According to a recent report, individual implementation of DevOps or cloud can accelerate software delivery by 50%, while together, they exhibit an acceleration of 81%. It is clear that cloud and DevOps together can improve productivity. Let’s learn how DevOps and the cloud together can help to improve your business.

Cloud & DevOps together help to accelerate software delivery.
When your applications are already moved to the cloud, you can modernize the hosting platform to take advantage of the latest cloud services. Most private and public cloud service provider support DevOps on their platforms. DevOps automation is one of the efficient approaches that help to reduce the complexity and labor associated with routine jobs like maintenance tasks. DevOps approach also allows on-demand scalability that helps to streamline software delivery and deployment. As a result, you can quickly minimize the expenses needed for over-provisioning resources common in on-premise environments. Overall, these improvements help free up more time and energy for innovation and value-adding work that will enhance customer satisfaction.

In short, cloud DevOps tools allow your developers to spend more time in development jobs and your operations staff to concentrate on their tasks instead of being bombarded with extensive unplanned work. If your developer and operation teams work haphazardly, you have to struggle to achieve success with large unanticipated tasks, and the whole delivery process will be delayed.

Cloud and DevOps together can improve operability
Adopting the DevOps approach and cloud platforms can help organizations improve their operational activities by making them more accurate and focused. When ready to scale up their business, start-up organizations can benefit from the combination of cloud and DevOps.

Partnering with reputed and trusted cloud services providers will help you to achieve operational excellence, security, reliability, cost-optimization and performance efficiency. With the expert guidance of managed IT services provider, you can incorporate and operate your cloud effectively. They can also guide you in taking decisions and priorities related to DevOps-led processes. With the help of a cloud + DevOps services partner, you can reconfigure systems in a targeted and systematic way to improve operability that will support and accommodate your future growth plans.

Cloud and DevOps together can help to lower the cost of ownership
Cost optimization is always a top priority for all Chief Technology Officers (CTOs). As cloud adoption is rising, the IT budget is also increasing simultaneously. In such situations, DevOps can help you with cost optimization.

In traditional on-premise server environments, businesses must be ready for their maximum requirements. They have to spend for over-provisioned on-premises servers to provide adequate capacity for peak demand. The traffic spike can happen annually, monthly, or more frequently (like weekly) for different industries. And the rest of the time, you need a much lesser quantity of resources to run your business. Here the point is you have to pay for that peak capacity every day throughout the year, which is pretty expensive. Even turning off servers during the non-peak time will not be much cost-effective. Turning off servers will reduce the power cost, but you still have to pay for the rack space, network provisioning and software licences.

The DevOps approach allows you to take full advantage of the rapid elasticity cloud computing offers. With automation of provisioning, application deployment and orchestration, you have to pay for the exact capacity you need at a particular time. In this way, you can minimize IT expenses.

How do you combine cloud and DevOps?
Along with cost-optimization, cloud computing and DevOps help you optimize your software development lifecycle (SDLC) and develop high-quality software quickly and efficiently. To take advantage of cloud and DevOps together, you should adhere to the best practices:

  1. Keep track of your progress:
    In your software development lifecycle, you must describe all the processes and workflows and identify the person responsible for each task. You have to look for ways to make cloud development processes more efficient and faster, such as automated or enhanced processes. When following an agile methodology, you should aim to create short sprints while developing an application.
  2. Make use of a fully automated CI/CD workflow:
    The process of building and delivering software can be automated as the next level of the pipeline using continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) solutions. Your cloud and DevOps infrastructure together will be more efficient and agile by integrating CI/CD automation with your existing system.
  3. Reduce the feedback loops:
    An automated testing facility helps in finding bugs in your code. It just reduces your task by half, and being automated, there is no chance of errors. At the same time, the concerns are reported to the appropriate teams, which helps in quick resolve. This is an efficient way to speed up the feedback process — automated issue detection, reporting and response technologies allow for faster project completion.
  4. Create a team atmosphere:
    To properly utilize cloud and DevOps together, your staff need to know about both concepts before providing them with the cloud DevOps tools. To do this, it is necessary to provide essential training, eliminate information silos, promote the exchange of innovative ideas, upgrade with needed skills and consider failures as learning experiences.

Incorporating DevOps along with cloud adoption will help organizations not only to save money and accelerate innovation but also helps to improve work culture. A modern and efficient work environment makes your staff happier and more motivated. Employees become more enthusiastic and energized by their work. This positive approach brings a willingness toward change, acceptance of newer things and growth. With the help of managed IT service providers, your cloud and DevOps journey can be easy and more productive.


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