Best MSP practices to reduce operational cost

Managed Services Provider(MSP) can help organizations to reduce expenses and improve their IT infrastructure management. Many organizations, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), usually don’t have enough budget to hire a large internal IT team to handle their company’s technology needs. Usually, they can effort one or a few people to take care of their whole range of IT infrastructure activities.

However, technology is ever-evolving, and it is almost impossible for a small internal IT support to constantly evolve, handle complex technology, and keep the infrastructure up to date. In most cases, those small IT teams don’t have the experience and skills to tackle infrastructure challenges arising out of this constant evolution. Here, a managed IT services provider plays a vital role in efficiently managing their IT infrastructure, improving productivity and security, reducing downtime, and minimizing operational expenses. Let’s see the best practices MSPs use to minimize operating costs for their customers.

1. Minimize the operational complexity

A business involves several tasks to be handled by an IT department, such as IT infrastructure monitoring and maintenance, backup and recovery system, security and governance, etc. Too many things on a single plate can make things clumsy, complex, and inefficient. This situation also raises inefficient and burdensome business processes that reduce productivity. An overloaded internal IT department can be a road blocker to getting the maximum benefit of your expense on having an IT team.

Hiring an MSP can help you standardize your business processes, ensuring stable, long-term productivity by removing complexity. An MSP can take charge of your regular system monitoring and maintenance tasks, cybersecurity, backup system, etc. They follow standard processes and routines to minimize your operational complexity and maximum efficiency.

By enhancing focus on core business operations and outsourcing non-critical ones, businesses can be more productive and satisfy their customers better. Every company should focus their efforts on providing excellent services and products, which helps in revenue generation.


2. Advantage of reduced in-house IT management staff

Hiring additional new IT staff members is expensive. Besides the remunerations, companies need to spend extra bucks on the hiring process, training, and other perks. Training involves the expense of money plus time. When you partner with an MSP, you can get two advantages. First, you don’t have to hire internal staff for IT infrastructure management and experts for every cutting-edge technology. Second, usually, training remains included within the services package provided by MSPs. So, your in-house staff will get training on the latest technologies and methods of handling IT-related activities without additional costs. Additional perks of hiring MSPs instead of internal staff are:

  • Your IT managers have to handle less number of overheads, which allows them to manage their team better and keep their work processes streamlined with other business operations.
  • With a small team to focus on, your managers can ensure all IT processes are being carried out to their utmost potential. It will help in reducing money loss due to unintentional errors.
  • The regular training facility will keep every team member up-to-date with all newly included tools and technologies and operational practices.

3. Managed IT Services help in reducing unexpected IT issues

Partnering with an MSP is a proactive approach towards reducing, possibly eliminating, unexpected IT costs and IT issues. Managed IT services to disaster recovery problems, cloud computing transfers, CRM issues, etc., can provide the best possible solutions ASAP. They use a proactive approach to predict all potential challenges and help organizations to be ready with realistic solutions that help to eliminate downtime. For instance, MSPs always suggest maintaining a regular and efficient backup system. So, in case of accidental data loss, organizations will be able to recover maximum data.

It is wise to hire an MSP instead of going for a ‘break-fix vendor’. Break-fix vendors will fix a particular problem and charge you a one-time fee. That fixation cost can vary a lot depending on the complexity of the error. Moreover, they will not provide you with the continuous monitoring facility that an MSP can provide. On the other hand, MSPs can predict any IT issue quickly and accurately resolve it. So, a managed service contract investment will offer you a more efficient outcome than spending money on break-fix remedies.

4. Access to Premium Tools

Managed IT service providers possess professionals knowledgeable in cutting-edge technologies and tools. They can provide you required advice and help to incorporate the best technology and tools to influence your business growth. An MSP can provide you with adequate support to integrate tools and train your staff to utilize them. This support will allow your in-house teams to use them enough and get the optimal value.

A trusted MSP will help you acquire the best outcome of the cost you invest in having the latest infrastructure tools. They will also appoint the best talents to deploy and maintain them on your behalf.

5. Maximizes Uptime

Unplanned downtime is really frustrating, especially when you have important deliveries under process. Such sudden disruptions can derail the entire schedule and staff morale. It can also hamper your market reputation.

Recruiting MSPs can help you avoid such unplanned downtimes. Through their round-the-clock proactive preventative maintenance and monitoring system, they can detect anomalies and potential red flags before becoming actual issues. They also take necessary steps to prevent downtimes and save companies from time and money loss.

6. Improves your security

Security is a crucial aspect of today’s business environment. Every organization need a professional industry-grade security system to protect its business. Besides 27/7/365 monitoring your network and notifying you of threats in your system, your managed service partner also keeps your system updated with the latest security patches and remain compliant with regulations. An MSP takes all essential steps to protect your data from cyber threats, hackers, and data breaches.

7. Zero hardware/ software/ security investments required

If you plan to upgrade your infrastructure, your MSP can help you minimize capital expenditure to near zero. Your managed IT services partner can provide you with the latest and most relevant hardware, enterprise management software, servers, backup solutions, and security solutions to make your upgradation affordable.


An MSP can help you reduce your overall business expenditure in multiple ways. They focus on improving your business’ cost efficiency by reducing the internal workforce and improving work efficiency and productivity. Your managed IT services partner can also offer expert guidance on your current and future IT needs. They can help you get your desired infrastructure in affordable ways to drive the business results you want to see.


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