Mobile App Development Trend in 2020 and Beyond

Mobile app technology is a fascinating field that is evolving with every passing day. We already have quite a few interesting technologies in hand that is going to make an impact in 2020 and beyond. As per experts, the mobile app industry is one of the leading sectors that is growing at the fastest pace. As per Statista, apps are expected to generate $189 Billion US dollars in revenue by 2020. With mobile apps reshaping business for many years now, it is no brainer that more and more businesses will be tapping the power of mobile apps in the coming years. No doubt, exciting times are ahead and we are all excited to see where this industry leads us to.

From delivering personalized content to helping build the corporate brand, boosting customer engagement, reducing cost, and increasing sales, mobile apps have a lot to contribute to businesses irrespective of the industry they operate in. There is no denial of the fact that the popularity of mobile apps is soaring high every day with 1.96 million apps are featured in the App Store and 2.46 million apps are available on Google Play (as of the second quarter of 2019).

In recent times, the mobile app development industry has been greatly influenced by different innovations including Blockchain, Internet of Things, Augmented and Virtual Reality, AI and Chatbots, Cloud-based mobile app development, M-Commerce, and lot more. Let’s take a closer look at what will be the mobile app development trend in 2020 and the coming years.

The Beacon Technology

The Beacon technology has been embraced by various industries already for its ease to use in location technology and proximity marketing. It is a big hit among hotels, hospitals, museums, restaurants, etc. Beacon can be an interesting technology to use in the retail business especially when merged with IoT.

Wearable Trends

Smart wearables are not new. We have already seen the growing demands of fitness bands, smartwatches, trackers and smart rings. The wearable industry is growing steading and to tap into this growing business, mobile apps should look for integration with these smart wearables. Since each wearable device needs a platform to function, mobile app developers should keep an option to have their apps integrated with the wearables seamlessly.

AI-enabled apps

AI has already brought in revolution and the days are not far ahead when we will have smart AI-enabled apps for every business. AI has already seen its integration in many mobile apps, and different industries like healthcare, accounts, financing, customer service are not far away to have AI integrated into their business apps.

Cross-platform app development

An app that runs in multiple platforms is a cross-platform app. Developing a cross-platform app reduces time-to-go-to-market along with the development cost of the organization. Having a cross-platform app gives a business a competitive edge over its peers. Cross-platform app development is going to see a mainstream trend in 2020 and of course in the coming years.

Low – code app development to gain popularity

Low code app development keeps coding simple and hence removes the need for large amounts of manual coding. Since the coding is kept simple, there is no complexity and at the same time let your business grow seamlessly. Low-code app development is going to gain huge popularity in the next few years.


Blockchain has already caused disruption and reshaped the mobile app development industry. Businesses are already leveraging blockchain for enhancing security, tracking, and quality controls. Many businesses are already using blockchain for ensuring secure and faster transactions. Blockchain is going to stay and play an important role in the mobile app development in 2020 and years to come.

Instant apps may have a future

Google launched instant apps way back in 2016. An instant app is a native app that works as a website. So that users don’t need to download anything to get access. Hollar and NYTimes claimed that they were able to increase the conversion rate from 20 percent to 27 percent by introducing an instant mobile application. Instant apps are going to see some traction in the coming days.

Mobile apps are indispensable for a business that wants to see growth. Irrespective of the technology you adopt, mobile apps are going to rule across industries for years to come. If you are contemplating to start 2020 with a brand-new mobile app for your business, then we are here to help you. We have built some amazing mobile apps for our customers and can help you with building one. Whether you wish to build an app from scratch or already have the framework ready, we can guide you at every step. Schedule a call today and get app-ready by 2020!

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