Should you choose Linux for your dedicated Server Hosting

If you talk about the servers that have managed to compete with the powerful windows server, then Linux has its name. The Linux servers have now managed to establish a force with its top-class performance in every field. Linux dedicated server hosting has played a key role in numerous e-commerce establishments and projects by running all the e-commerce websites efficiently and smoothly.

Why Choose Linux?

If you ask me, ‘Should you choose Linux for your dedicated Server Hosting?’, I would say, Yes. This is because, in this intricate world of technological advancement, there are more than 90% of the speedy computers all over the globe that are powered by Linux operating systems and technology. It’s the automatic and first choice for the businesses at software and hardware installations because of the top-notch quality and unrivaled performance. 

Not just users, Google too!

Like users, Google too loves the website that works with bolstering speed. Because it understands that the page load time is the key for the better user experience and hence, they rank websites higher that have a faster load time compared to the rest. So, if your page load time is slow, then Google and your competitors will be bypassing you soon. Research has further confirmed that mobile users do not wait more than 3 seconds for a page to load or content to appear. Here are some interesting stats:

Here are some of the key consideration factors that will help you in choosing Linux server provider over and over again.

Is it reliable when it comes to consistency?

The uptime factor determines the consistency of the server. In the present era of advancing server technologies, the performance of the data center is evaluated on uptime as it offers via SLA. You can easily check the uptime consistency through all the information that’s provided by the operating system. It includes how long the system has been running and the current time. It will also provide you with all the information about the number of users who have logged in and the average load time of the systems. The service providers who use Linux dedicated servers guarantee high uptime of 99.5%.

Is your set up flexible enough to scale the newest software environment of Linux dedicated hosting?

Businesses always plan their dedicated server hosting environment for future expansion and growth with a clear vision that could add up new customers to the present database to achieve what they’re aiming for. Your data center must offer the specified level of flexibility that’s required to manage the varying demands of the business. There must be varying and adequate levels of flexibility in order to tailor the applications as per the matching needs of your business.

Does it have foolproof security to get rid of all the hassle?

If you’re a business owner and concerned about the key aspect called security, then you must definitely go for the Linux Servers. Before you finalize the services of the server system provider with all the clear security features that the data center offers. The ideal one will always offer you multiple checkpoints, fully secured cages, foolproof lockers, comprehensive software security, and biometric authentication. Talking about the Linux dedicated servers, these are basically preferred by the eCommerce businesses for managing and running the eCommerce websites in the current scenario. It’s the leading server operating system which is the force behind the quickest supercomputers that are operated in the world today. Linux is an operating system of choice dedicated servers for the leading businesses all around the globe. The ever-growing popularity of Linux is all because these systems can be installed quickly and conveniently without any hassle in the software and hardware. Linux will always bring reliability to your table. These are the characteristics that can be sealed easily to match the needs and businesses of any type or size.

On the whole, Linux dedicated server systems always assure the organizations of a secure and safe online presence. If you’re searching for an operating system with optimum security, stability, reliability, and performance, then Linux is the right choice for you. Plus, it’s affordable and will serve your business operational needs without burning a hole in your pocket.

While searching for the top-quality Linux dedicated server hosting providers, you’ll find that almost the majority of them claim it to be the best in terms of features and services. However, it’s essential to evaluate carefully all the features that might not seem important at the onset but are really crucial for certain aspects of business operations. 

As far as my experience is concerned, choosing the Linux dedicated server might be time-consuming but you need to put a bit more effort to help your business grow and flourish in the long run.

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