Why penetration testing is vital in the current situation? A quick glance about Penetration Testing

The complexity of your IT infrastructure is being complicated day by day. You need to connect several devices to your secure office network to facilitate your business operations. Connecting multiple devices through the internet can make your IT infrastructure and your business data vulnerable to security threats. Organizations that deal with sensitive customer data or possess vast chunks of business data have more risk of being exploited by hackers. An incident of data theft can lead to loss of potential customers and money. Therefore, it has become critical for businesses to remain safe and ensure the security of their business assets. You need to foolproof your IT infrastructure to prevent any attempt of penetration.

Organizations and managed IT services providers (MSPs) use multiple standardized security measures to protect businesses from attempts of system penetration. Penetration testing is such a specialized technique to detect any gap in the system that an attacker can find and gain access to in your system. Penetration testing is an effective method to stop hackers from stealing your critical data and saving you from losses.

What is penetration testing

Penetration testing is conducted over the whole IT infrastructure to detect exploitable loopholes of your network, server, software, and hardware. It is also known as ethical hacking. This testing technique is meant to identify any vulnerabilities in your system that an attacker may be able to exploit. Here the testers try to determine whether a hacker’s attempt to penetrate your system, like cross-site scripting, man-in-the-middle, SQL or null byte injection, etc., can breach your organization’s cybersecurity posture.

Penetration testing is an effective way to identify an organization’s security flaws before hackers get the chance to steal your sensitive information. With penetration testing, you can have an impartial assessment of the security posture of your whole IT infrastructure. Penetration testers also provide you with valuable suggestions on improving your security measures.

Types of penetration testing

Whitebox testing

In this testing technique, the testers possess complete knowledge about all your network environment and systems. They even get complete knowledge and access to any source code. Then they conduct pen testing to assess the vulnerabilities in your system. A whitebox testing can result in an in-depth analysis of your system, providing more detailed results and targeted solutions.

Blackbox testing

In case of blackbox testing, the testers don’t get any information about your IT infrastructure before testing. Many people consider blackbox testing the most authentic testing process as it is conducted in a similar scenario as an attacker with no inside information. With this testing method, testers may encounter unexpected vulnerabilities in your network and business systems.

Greybox testing

The term is self-explanatory. In case of greybox testing, limited information, like login credentials, is shared with the tester. Greybox testing is the most popular one as it is the most efficient one in respect of cost, speed, and effort.


Why penetration testing is essential

It’s simple. Cyber security is essential for your business. No one wants to suffer:

  • Loss of business data or leak of sensitive information
  • Monitory losses
  • Lack of customer trust and lose them to competitors

Penetration testing is a vital component of cybersecurity reinforcement. Professional tester conduct penetration testing in a controlled environment to identify the potential loopholes in your business IT systems, network, servers, devices and web applications and helps you to eliminate them before hackers can exploit them. Without proper investigation, you might have loopholes in your IT infrastructure that hackers can locate and use to gain access to your system. It can lead to malicious activities in your system and data theft.

What are the benefits of penetration testing

Evaluation of your IT infrastructure

During penetration testing, testers thoroughly investigate your entire network, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), computers, mobile devices, servers, remote access, databases, along with the networked scanners and printers. It is needed to evaluate your security initiatives and ensure the security of your business assets, resources, employees, and customers. Even with every upgrade of your infrastructure, you need to conduct penetration testing to investigate if any new vulnerability is there. Cyber security assessment at regular intervals can help you keep your infrastructure secured from ever-evolving cyber-attack techniques. Penetration testing is the measure to keep you aware of the efficiency of cyber security systems and where you need upgradation. 

Regulatory compliance

Pen testing is also essential to meet several regulatory compliances, such as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), ISO 27001, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and so on.

Cyber security risk assessment

Pen testing is meant to identify and assess security risks before an attacker can identify and exploit them. So, you need to do a regular risk assessment of your infrastructure to detect if any weak spot is there.

Identification of mobile app data leakage

Along with software and hardware, penetration testing also investigates the flaws of your mobile apps to stop you from making your user data vulnerable to hackers. Mobile apps are often designed to handle sensitive data. They are also an easy gateway to the core infrastructure and often become a preferred target to the attackers. Therefore, you should consider app security as a crucial aspect, and pen testing can help you with it.


Authorization and authentication issues

For ensuring the security of your infrastructure, identification, authentication and authorization of user access is vital. Pen testing can also help you to identify if any gap is there with your authorization and authentication processes. It can also identify issues in your network perimeter and internal systems.


Though it is pretty challenging to secure a system 100%, penetration testing and the expertise of the professionals can help you to minimize the security risks and improve the stability of the system.


Penetration testing is essential for organizations. It can be beneficial in multiple ways, including eliminating potential risks, saving you from monetary losses, preserving the brand reputation, helping with regulatory compliance, and so on.

Therefore, it is vital to perform pen-testing at regular intervals and improve your system’s stability. For the best outcome, you can consider hiring an IT infrastructure consulting services company with years of experience and expertise in conducting effective penetration testing.


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