Dream IT – An Approach Towards Solving Problems In IT

The ability to solve problems is something that impacts all the successes in life. It might be as per the team or as an organization as a whole. This is why it’s very crucial to understand your strengths and weaknesses whenever you approach your problems.  Dream IT is an approach towards solving all the problems related to IT. Basically, it’s a project where you could easily get rid of all the hassle that you face with the help of easy approaches towards solving your problems. This awareness can really help you out in understanding whether your situation requires your skill…
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Measuring Everything You Do In IT Services

If you can’t measure it, you will never be able to manage it.  When you think of measuring what you do in the IT operations and services, you must answer the following questions- How happy are the customers of the IT services you provide? How many failures are caused to the business users due to the IT services? The Metrics By using metrics, you can quantitatively describe the process which is being measured. These define what should be measured and how. There are three types of metrics that must be measured- Technology metrics includes component and application metrics Process metrics…
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Making the Best Of Worst In IT Services 

It’s not as easy as it sounds to make the best of the worst and IT services. When it comes to services where human interaction is necessary, there are many problems that arise. The failed transactions communicate a lack of respect which is the primary human need and closest type of security. So, even the client service interactions are relatively brief and have inconsequential outcomes, they are the ones who have the power to create a burning frustration that leads to road rage. Here are some of the basics that you need to keep in mind to make the best…
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Securing a Linux server with two-factor authentication

If you really want to secure your Linux server, then the two-factor authentication must be considered as a must-use. If you want to lock your Linux servers and desktops, then you owe yourself a two-factor authentication. This is because by adding the authentication, it becomes more intricate for the malicious users to gain access to your machines. With Linux, it’s very possible to set up the machine so that you can’t log into the desktop or console or by any way of the secure shell without the two-factor authentication code that’s associated with the machine. Before you begin Before you…
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What will happen to you if you lose your secure vital data? 

One of the most precious things on the networks and devices you use is the data you create and store. Operating systems and applications can always be reinstalled, though the user-created data is unique. If it gets viewed without authorization or gets lost, the outcome might be devastating. An organization’s network might consist of documents with personal information, trade secrets about the clients or employees, or the financial records. Applications on the computer, phone, or other personal devices might expose your social security number, bank account information, and credit cards. In either of the cases, identity theft has become the…
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