How to identify your best Managed Service Provider

Having a managed service provider by your side is definitely a boon. You can focus on your projects while your IT environment is in safe hands. A Managed Service Provider or MSP takes care of your IT security, business continuity, and in general, your overall IT environment so that you can operate efficiently. An able MSP is a critical support system that you should have if you want to focus on the growth of your business. However, the biggest question is how do you identify your best MSP? There is no brainer that every business is different, and so is…
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Role of AI in Managed Services

Artificial Intelligence or AI is one of the biggest technological innovations in recent times that has impacted our lives and how businesses operate to a great extent. It is only natural to expect that in the coming years AI will be playing a major role in every aspect of the business including Managed Services too. If you are a managed service provider one of your biggest concerns might be if AI is going to replace your job? While there is no way to predict the degree of impact AI will have on MSB, however, it can be said safely that…
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IT Outsourcing Cost Calculation

There is no doubt about the fact that no such business owner is a great supporter of outsourcing. There are a lot of organizations that are not very comfortable with terms like outsourcing. However, taking a look at the same term in a wider way, there is not every other business that is interested in including the third parties in the business modules. Or, even authorized for the usage of the business information. Everyone out there is not comfortable with the assignment of work with a third party. For most people, it is rather a feeling of discomfort and stress.…
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Should you choose Linux for your dedicated Server Hosting

If you talk about the servers that have managed to compete with the powerful windows server, then Linux has its name. The Linux servers have now managed to establish a force with its top-class performance in every field. Linux dedicated server hosting has played a key role in numerous e-commerce establishments and projects by running all the e-commerce websites efficiently and smoothly. Why Choose Linux? If you ask me, ‘Should you choose Linux for your dedicated Server Hosting?’, I would say, Yes. This is because, in this intricate world of technological advancement, there are more than 90% of the speedy…
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When to use microservice architecture?

In today, blog, I would like to share my thoughts on why it’s important to adapt to Microservices architecture for any established or growing business to help meet their technological and business needs. Before we delve further into the topic, let’s define Microservices in a simpler way. There is way too much information and hype over this topic. Let’s do a reality check and run through monoliths and microservices and confirm if Microservices are really ‘The Thing’. To start with, Monoliths are simple to develop, test, deploy and allow simple scaling. Gradually they become cumbersome and reach their size limit…
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