Six Common Tech Challenges for Construction Businesses: How MSP can Help

In current times, technology has become indispensable for every business. Whether in healthcare, education, banking, or construction – new technologies are there to improve their work culture, productivity, and services. According to a Deloitte study, in the last 20 years, the construction industry has had a low rise in employee productivity (5%) compared to other industries (about 25%). Low acceptance towards digital technologies, system automation, etc., has contributed to low labour productivity.

Every industry has unique requirements and challenges as well. Considering the type of work involved in the construction industry, it is not always possible to digitize every system and embrace the latest, cutting-edge technologies as part of their daily operations. But, it is time to consider implementing technologies wherever possible and look for system automation. These will help construction companies do those everyday tasks that are critical but time-consuming very fast and accurately. The strategic implementation of technology can help construction organizations to streamline processes, speed up different functions, minimize overall expenditure, and free up employees’ time.

Let’s learn about common challenges that stop construction firms from adopting technology and how to overcome them.

Common Tech Challenges for Construction companies

Outdated Technology & Software
Some organizations still hesitate to accept technology and rely on their older ones. They believe that replacing their old technology with new technology is expensive, so they avoid investing in new infrastructure. While using old technology may save your initial cost of purchasing new software, that causes harm to business in the long run.

Using outdated technology may lead to financial loss through reduced employee productivity and waste of time. The efficiency of the workers can be sacrificed due to the absence of the right tools to do a job, which can lead to a low employee retention rate. Plus, the cost of using and maintaining outdated equipment is too high. Therefore, Investing in new and appropriate technology is better for better outcomes and preventing money wastage. Additionally, outdated software is not only less efficient but can also enhance the chance of data breaches.

A simple solution to outdated technology and software is outsourcing your IT from a reliable managed IT services company. An efficient managed service provider (MSP) can serve construction companies and equip its client companies with suitable hardware and software. Partnering with an MSP also saves their clients from expensive investments to purchase the latest software outright.

Cybersecurity Concerns
Similar to other industries, cybersecurity is a huge concern for construction companies as well. Organizations have to protect their clients’ data, property information, employee information, pricing information, financial records, etc., from cyberattacks. Breach of private information is a nightmare for any organization, especially for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

A National Cyber Security Alliance report shows that 37% of small companies lose money after a security breach, whereas 25% of SMBs file for bankruptcy and 10% are forced to close their business entirely.

Hiring an MSP can prevent cyber-attacks on construction companies. An IT service provider by your side will proactively stop the attempts of data breaches. MSPs monitor your network and IT infrastructure 24/7, identify any malicious activity, and proactively take action before anything serious happens. IT services also offer different cybersecurity tools, firewalls, etc., to protect the network.

Employee Adoption & Productivity
One of the prominent reasons that stop construction companies from embracing new technology is the shortage of needed skillsets, knowledge, and unfamiliarity with tech devices. It is not enough to install software; your employees must adopt it properly to improve productivity. Many construction professionals did not grow up with tech devices and have worries, queries, and concerns related to new technologies and their implementation.

Therefore, organizations need tech support and training facilities to upskill their employees to help use new applications. Hence, MSPs are the best option to provide both the support and training needed to bring every employee “up to speed”. Outsourced IT support services help your employees to use technology to improve operational processes. Proper training and support services will boost employee morale and help to improve productivity.

Usually, MSPs offer help desk services 365/24/7 to ensure prompt tech support. MSPs also provide remote assistance along with local IT support to resolve your issues.

Poor communication and insufficient information about tech advancement are huge blockers stopping construction companies from accepting new technologies. Many organizations are not aware of every modern technology that can minimize the employees’ efforts, improve productivity, and help the organizations grow.

Technology is ever-evolving, and it is vital for every organization to stay connected and well-informed about the latest tech updates. Communication plays a crucial role in knowing about suitable tools, like building information modeling (BIM), project management, 3D printing, time tracking, invoicing, progress tracking software, and many artificial-intelligence-powered automated tools, etc. These modern tools play a significant role on construction sites, and organizations must stay current with such areas.

A managed service partner will update you with information about tech advancement and suggest the right tools for your organization. They also help to implement the new software and provide the needed training to your employees.

Documentation is a vital but usually tedious task for every organization. In this era of digitalization, though actual paperwork has been minimized, maintaining digital documents is still quite monotonous and boring. The right project and file management systems are the best solution for it. A suitable collaboration tool with a report generation facility can be the right option to gather all information from the on-site and office workers. It will create a smoother workflow that enables real-time collaboration and a better work management facility.

An IT service provider can help you with the suitable documentation process per your established work culture. A right MSP makes it easy for everyone to have the most up-to-date and accurate information and makes every piece of information available to concerned persons.

Financial Concern
For most businesses, cash flow often acts as the crucial determining factor in adopting new technology, as investing in new infrastructure requires a considerable amount of money. It can tie up a huge portion of your IT budget. But, running old equipment can also fail all your calculation with a sudden break. That’s why partnering with the right MSP can save not just your time but also money.

Like other industries, construction businesses also need to adopt new technologies to continue their future growth. Without proper IT backing, construction businesses will continue to fall behind.

To remove the blockers on your tech journey, you can partner with an inclusive, experienced, managed IT service provider to incorporate the right tech infrastructure, stability and support to improve productivity and grow.


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