8 trends that will be influencing Mobile App Development in 2019

As we continue to live in the age of smartphones, mobile apps are going to rule our lives for many years to come. With thousands of apps getting developed and pushed into the app stores every day, there are hardly any businesses that are not leveraging this powerful marketing tool to reach a wider audience base globally. However, the most important question is how do you stand out from this age of cut-throat competition when every organization, big or small, startups or enterprises have an app developed for their businesses? If you are looking for an app to be developed for your company and make it a class apart, then here are some of the current trends that will be influencing mobile app development in 2019. Read and see how you can incorporate them into your mobile app.

Trends that will be influencing mobile app development in 2019

1. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

Let’s face it, AI and ML are redefining the way we are doing business. Every industry is now leveraging the power of AI and ML to create an engaging user experience. The mobile app industry is not left behind as more and more mobile apps are harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning. If you have not invested in it yet, you may lag behind. SIRI is one of the biggest examples of how AI and Machine Learning is now bringing in disruption in the mobile app technology.

2. Blockchain technology

Blockchain gained enough attention in 2018 and the blockchain technology market is forecasted to hit the $20 billion mark by 2024. If you’re an app developer then you should tap this field to understand how to make it widely accessible to your audience through engaging apps.

3. Smart wearable

Smart wearables like Apple Watch and Microsoft’s Hololens have caught our attention lately. The smart wearables are surely going to influence the mobile app development technology in the coming few years. All these smart wearables (jewelry, watch, display device or sensors embedded in clothes) will communicate with the mobile apps giving out various useful and important information. If you’re into sports, healthcare, fashion or fitness industry, you will especially be benefitted from this.

4. On-demand apps are on demand

We have seen how on-demand apps are taking on the app development industry. On-demand apps like Uber and Swiggy are already creating disruption, and the demand for more such on-demand apps are on the surge which will be influencing the mobile app industry in the coming days.

5. Engaging UI and UX

How do your users feel about your app’s UI and UX? Are they engaging enough? Remember, it takes a few seconds for a user to uninstall an app and move on. If you are looking for developing an app that converts, then you certainly need to invest some time on UI and UX. Explore new technologies like augmented reality, interactive content layers, circular design patterns, and explicit content to stand out. Keep updating with relevant content and delight your users with engaging UI and UX.

6. IoT or Internet of Things

Perhaps you have already witnessed how IoT is taking over everything. This technology lets you interlink various aspects within an organization so that each entity can access relevant data faster. You should be exploring this platform if your business goal is heading towards agility.

7. Instant apps

Mobiles apps which are fast and do not consume too much of device memory space are going to rule for the rest of 2019. Instant apps are something to watch out for if you’re concerned about the memory space. Instant apps, as the name goes, works instantly without any need to install them. This works great with users who want to utilize the benefits of the app without consuming the mobile memory space.

8. Mobile commerce (M-commerce to rule)

Our shopping preference had seen a paradigm shift in the last few decades. From physical currency, to credit cards, to the mobile wallet to digital currency – the evolution has been enormous. Mobile commerce is now one of the preferred methods of shopping. Hence, if you want to have a great mobile experience, your app should have an integrated payment gateway along with mobile wallets.

If you’re developing an app, you should watch out for the mobile app trends. That’s the only way to stand out and make a difference.

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