Hybrid Mobile App vs Native Mobile App

Hybrid mobile app vs native mobile app — which one is for me?

The debate between hybrid mobile app vs native mobile app is ever-lasting. While some developers fancy hybrid mobile app, others vouch for native mobile apps. Before we jump into the nitty-gritty of hybrid vs native, let us understand the basic difference between the two. Hybrid mobile apps are developed on the web using HTML5 and JavaScript so that they can function in multiple platforms. It has a single programming language which works on any platform. On the other hand, native mobile apps are done for a single platform. They follow certain guidelines so as to enhance the user experience. If you’re planning to build a mobile app for your business and unsure which way to go, then here we’re to help you figure out what will work best for you. While there is no clear – cut demarcation or direct answer to the question, knowing what to expect from each of these will definitely help you to make an informed decision.

In this post, we will take a step-by-step approach to help you make up your mind – hybrid or native.

User Experience

User experience is the prime concern of every app developer and app owner. If your user doesn’t find your app appealing and friendly, it takes a few seconds for your user to turn away from your app. With thousands of apps getting released every day, the competition is high and you can’t afford to ignore your user’s experience. While a great user experience can create a fantastic first impression, the bad user experience will definitely turn off your user. Having said that, the native app gets an edge over hybrid app when it comes to user experience. While hybrid apps have lots of other benefits including cost-effectiveness, remember user experience can get hard hit if you’re opting for hybrid apps.

App performance

Remember how you feel when an app you want to use takes ages to load? Frustrating right? Loading an app to open and function properly is another critical aspect to keep in mind when developing your app. In a native app, the loading time is faster as it can communicates directly with the device hardware. On the other hand, a hybrid app cannot communicate directly with the device hardware. The app first goes to its respective hybrid platform. The platform then executes the code and communicates to the device hardware. In short, a hybrid app takes longer to load as compared to their native cousin.


Hybrid apps are a clear winner in this section. Maintaining a hybrid app is a piece of cake as compared to the native apps. In native apps, app developers have to ensure the apps are working fine in any version of the device operating system as many users do not tend to upgrade their device operating system. Thus, maintaining the native app becomes a tedious task for the developers and is not a cost-effective option.


Integration in native apps is much easier as compared to hybrid apps. For example, GPS integrated apps are on high demand because everybody on social media wants to know where you are. If you want this feature to be enabled for your app, a native app is your best bet.


Portability is easier on hybrid apps because of its multiple nature platform as compared to native apps.


With more and more businesses adopting the lean methodology, business is quick to have their app developed, up and running in no time. If that’s what you’re looking for then the hybrid app is for you. If you’re interested to wait for at least six months for a reliable and working app, then choose the native app.


With all the points discussed above, it is evident that native app development is costlier than hybrid apps. If your budget is tight, then a hybrid app is your best option. Both hybrid app and the native app has its own set of pros and cons. It’s up to the business to choose one depending on their business goals and overall go-to-market strategies. However, if you’re looking for experienced app – developers, then we’re here to help you. We have in-depth knowledge of both hybrid and native app developments and our expert mobile app developers can guide you to make a decision.

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